Sketchbook Page 22: of mice and men (and moles)

October 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Mus sapiens?

According to the British scientific journal Nature, our species (Homo sapiens) shares 99% of our genes with the House Mouse (Mus musculus).

This drawing is a preliminary sketch for a life sized drawing that will compare my own skull dimensions with those of a mouse: a mouse such as we might find in a larder (or a laboratory). The mouse skull will be drawn at a size based on the dimensions of my cranium, the human skull at the size of a mouse.

The tribal tattoo motifs draw similar connections to those that can be seen in earlier postings (see Sketchbook Page 13: Anubis for example).

Humerus from Giant Mole (Talpa gigantea)

“The soil in your neighborhood is particularly black and rich. Consequently it provides the moles with particularly rich nourishment, and so they grow to an unusual size.”
“But not to such a size as that!” exclaimed the teacher, and he measured off two yards on the wall, somewhat exaggerating the length of the mole in exasperation. “Oh, and why not?” replied the scholar, who obviously looked upon the whole affair as a great joke.

Franz Kafka, The Giant Mole

Humerus from European mole (Talpa europaea), drawn to precisely the same length as my own upper arm.


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