Sketchbook Page 3: Blue Burial

February 10, 2010 § 1 Comment

Blue Burial, Uist, Outer Hebrides

The surface of the partially mummified skeleton is coated with substantial amounts of Egyptian Blue (calcium copper silicate), a very stable synthetic pigment in use from the early Egyptian dynasties. The inside of the grave has also been coated with the ground pigment.

Egyptian blue (in German, Agyptisch Blau, in French, bleu Egyptien; other names include frit and Pompeian blue) displays remarkable chemical stability and durability Рsome examples of Egyptian painting that are well over 3,000 year old appear little changed by time.

Blue is often associated royalty and sometimes symbolic of the female principle in art.

Found within the grave, a stone painted simply with a number of dots.

Explanations are sought as to why this burial practice might have taken place.


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  • pale corbie says:

    Female principles being blue is a Catholic thing, thus my creative interpretation is as follows:

    Missionaries from the Continent re-convert a local Pictish community. At the death of a beloved young virgin, found naturally mummified in the spring where she fell down some geo or similar, her bones are robed in high-status imported blue…the painted pebble, associated with Christian sites and possibly fulfilling the practical function of ceramic eggs today, accompanies her, representing rebirth as from the hidden mystery and changes within the egg, and fertility never come to fruition.

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