Bone Room Meditations II

February 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am on the train returning from Cardiff. I am reading ‘Life A Users Manual’ by Georges Perec.

The quote from Jules Verne: Look with all your eyes, look which I have used as a heading for an earlier post features on a page which precedes the preamble preceding the book.

Perec’s book describes a social microcosm within an apartment block in Paris; an artist is planning a painting of this block of flats and its inhabitants. The description of  this physical space and of the people inhabiting it is rich, complex, almost baroque in its level of detail and loaded with interconnected narrative relationships. I have felt on my visits to the department that the School of History and Archaeology would be an excellent model on which to base such a narrative.

Also, the homogeneity of the corridors within the Humanities building has found me struggling to find my bearings on a number of occasions and this suggests a parallel that I might create within this blog – something like a multi dimensional map that connects various ideas that are evolving within my notes …


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